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Dental Implant Process

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Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental Implants have helped many people experiencing oral ailments such as severe tooth decay or missing teeth. Before deciding if dental implants will be the best choice for your particular oral ailment, it is very important to understand the process of dental implants to determine if you are a qualified candidate. Dental implants adhere to three crucial steps: oral surgery for implantation, healing and recovery, and the application of natural-looking replacement teeth. Read on to learn more about the dental implant process, then please contact us to schedule a consultation and to discuss your candidacy for implant dentistry with Dr. Donian Shen—your dental implant specialist!

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implant Infographic MountainViewDepending on your type of implant or jawbone structure, there can be a variance in how surgery is performed.  The structure of an implant determines the surgical process because in order for the implant to function it needs to undergo osseointegration. The process of osseointegration is vital for the success of dental implants because it is what creates a secure and lasting restructure of your jawbone. An implant is designed with three parts that together imitates the structure of a real tooth: a small surgical grade titanium post, abutment, and dental prosthetic. The titanium implant is first placed in the socket of the missing tooth and will act as a root when the process of osseointegration occurs and the bone tissue heals and fuses with the titanium. The abutment is then placed on the post to help secure the dental prosthetic.


Dental Implant Recovery Process

Recovery of dental implants entails diligent oral care and hygiene maintenance so that your bone tissue can heal with the titanium implant. The duration of recovery does rely on your personal oral health and the procedure of implantation that was performed. The process of osseointegration may take up to 6 months, which will further solidify the security of the implants and allow for them to potentially last for more than 40 years. Please contact Dr. Shen if you have any questions on dental implant recovery or process.

Replacement Teeth: Natural looking

One of the key benefits of dental implants is their natural looking appearance. Dental implants are designed to be fully functioning replacement teeth that will feel as though they were real teeth. Due to dental implants secure structure and osseointegration, these natural-looking teeth can allow patients to enjoy many of the pleasantries that they once enjoyed. Compared to other methods such as dentures that come with many complications and restrictions, dental implants pose for better results and overall oral health.

Learn More about Dental Implants in Mountain View, CA

If you would like more information on how dental implants work or would like to discuss your candidacy, please contact Dr. Donian Shen to schedule a free consultation* at our Smile by Design office in Mountain View, CA!